Why should Creativity be a central focus of your toolkit for the classroom?

 10 Jun 2019  Webinar     

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Our free expert webinar will be on Monday 10 June 2019, and will be delivered by Crista Hazell.

Target audience

  • Teachers
  • TAs
  • Senior leaders
  • Trainee teachers
  • Those interested in developing Creativity in to their repertoire and educational environment

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of how creativity can be used in the classroom with students regardless of age and stage
  • Exposure to creative practice to deeper engage students in their learning journey
  • Interleave creativity to provide real alternatives for students to achieve success and develop their own creative skills and confidence
  • Provide a real alternative to ‘testing culture’
  • Takeaways to use in your educational setting

Webinar Description

Think Creatively; Divergent thinking is a lost art in learning so let’s bring it back! Crista will take you on a journey sharing tried and tested strategies to help you engage students and deepen their learning experience. Sharing a range of creative solutions to help students revel in your learning space forging connections with previous learning, to ‘show you what they know’ thus making deeper connections and recalling key knowledge, vocabulary, terminology through real creativity and practice elaborating and dual coding their understanding through different interleaved opportunities.

Presenter Biography

Crista has been teaching in a range of secondary schools for 20 years and has been in Leadership for 19. She has worked across the UK and internationally in China and Ghana with students, teachers and school leaders developing teaching, learning, relationships and behaviour. She is an MFL specialist, a pedagogy and pastoral champion known for seeking out new and innovative teaching and learning strategies which engage learners in their own learning journeys to help them become confident, inquisitive, happy and successful lifelong learners who can successfully navigate their way through challenges in school, education and beyond. Saving time for teachers helping them to create engaging, relevant and memorable deep learning experiences whilst also sharing different perspectives on ‘assessment’. Crista’s work has been published in educational books; There Is Another Way and The Working Class, magazines; Teachwire and The Guardian. She is also an active blogger, Independent Thinking Associate and National Council Member for The Association for Language Learning.

Monday 10 June 2019

17:30-18:30 (UK Time)