Driving Delivery of Highly Effective T + L to a Transient Senior School Pupil Body

 25 Oct 2021  Webinar     

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Webinar Description:

Enabling the most effective teaching and learning for all pupils must be the prime aim of any school leader. The particular dynamics of international schools add a different dimension to achieving this aim as the pupil body changes quite often and pupils do not tend to stay at one school for long periods of time. The webinar looks at the systems needed to support the rapid and effective integration of new pupils into an international senior school, how schools can maximise high-quality teaching and learning as well as judge progress and how the culture/branding of the school is vital to both a sense of belonging and the active recruitment of new pupils.

During the webinar you will:

  • Understand the impact of a transient pupil body appreciate the need for systems to support effective teaching and learning in such circumstances
  • Understand the importance of school culture/branding for the current community and for future pupil recruitment


  • New to, or interested in, leadership in international schooling
  • School Managers and Governors

About Dr. Julia Batters:

A recently retired secondary school headteacher with a long career in a British international school, Julia is an experienced educator focused on developing excellence in learning and teaching through highly effective leadership and management. Julia spent most of her career at the British School of Paris. She joined the school as Head of Languages in September 1991 after teaching in Wiltshire and London. Promoted to Deputy Head-Academic in 2000 and then to Head of Senior School in 2013, she has accrued more than 20 years’ experience of delivering the British curriculum to an international student body. Following a degree in European Studies at the University of Bath, Julia stayed at Bath to complete a PGCE and later to complete a PhD. A strong believer in the practical application of academic research, Julia is experienced in leading initiatives in school which are rooted in evidence-based findings. She has recently begun to contribute to continuing professional development for aspiring international senior leaders.

Monday 25th Oct 2021

1:30 pm -2:00 pm (UK Time)