Managing the School Improvement Journey: Practical ideas

 19 Jan 2021  Webinar     

Our free expert webinar “Managing the School Improvement Journey: Practical ideas’ will be on Tuesday 19 January 2021, and will be delivered by John Kane.

Webinar Description:

School improvement never ends. This session will set out six key principles that drive effective school improvement. Moving from theory to practice, we will explore ideas that will transform improvement planning into powerful cycles which embed consistency and forward momentum.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply your strategic context to improvement
  • Understand key principles in the improvement process
  • Apply structure to your improvement journey

Target Audience:

Senior School Leaders

Presenter Biography:

John is a specialist in developing leadership cultures through values- driven change and improvement. During 30 years’ as a teacher, he’s led schools at all levels through his headship and as the director of a multi-academy trust. John believes teachers are the most important professionals in any school, which requires us to invest in their development through high- quality learning. As a qualified coach himself, John uses coaching to achieve sustainable improvement, focusing on performance improvement and collaborative learning. He has created and presented many professional development courses for teachers and leaders – his online course on raising expectations and challenge in the classroom is a must for many UK teachers. Committed to driving global best practice, John’s been involved in international research projects in Europe and America. His work on character education saw him advising MPs in 2018.

Tuesday 19th Jan 2021

5:30-6:00 pm (UK Time)