How do School Leaders successfully lead remote Professional Learning in their schools?

 22 Jan 2021  Webinar     

Webinar Description:

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted our education system, resulting in schools being faced with a constantly shifting landscape. This brings many challenges to the leadership of professional learning for the foreseeable future. In this webinar, we explore the importance of continuing to develop and lead remote professional learning as a cornerstone of school improvement. We consider the latest research and offer practical advice and strategies for securing staff engagement and maximising CPD impact, both during and beyond the implications of COVID-19.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Use the latest education research to identify the key principles of effective remote teacher professional development.
  • Consider how to implement a professional learning approach which is sustainable and continues to build school capability.
  • Create high quality, professional learning opportunities.
  • which motivate staff, are responsive to need and maximise impact.

Target Audience:

  • School Leaders
  • Staff with responsibility for CPD/Professional Learning

Presenter Biography:

Sharon’s career spans over twenty-five years in education, including Headship. She has substantial experience of working with school leaders and teachers as a consultant and trainer across primary, secondary and tertiary education, in a range of UK and international contexts. Sharon is passionate about building school capability at all levels through professional learning, to improve school effectiveness and secure impact.

Thursday 11th Feb 2021

1:30-2:00 pm (UK Time)