How to sequence your Primary Curriculum to optimise learning for all pupils

 23 Nov 2021  Webinar     

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Webinar Description:

During this webinar, Jenny will share the knowledge and strategies you need to develop and sequence a curriculum in your school which will improve outcomes for all your pupils. The webinar will focus on why a well-sequenced curriculum helps to develop pupil skills and knowledge over time, building upon prior knowledge to ensure there are no misconceptions or gaps which hinder further learning. With the gaps between pupils widening rapidly as a result of lost learning during the pandemic it is vital that schools develop a curriculum that supports all pupils achieving their potential.

During this webinar you will:

  • Develop a clear understanding of what sequencing a curriculum means
  • Explore how a well-sequenced curriculum develops pupils knowledge
  • Understand the importance of individualising the curriculum to meet the needs of all your pupils.

Presenter Biography:

Having studied Classics and History at Bristol Jenny went into teaching after spending some time working in schools in Ghana. Discovering a love of learning she has worked in Inner City London schools for the past 12 years as a maths specialist and is now working at Veema supporting schools in developing their curriculum and coaching middle and senior leaders. Working alongside numerous charities as a researcher Jenny has written papers to support the implementation of tuition within schools to close the attainment gap and continues to work alongside maths hubs to keep abreast of the most recent research and practices. Jenny further supports leadership development by designing the new NPQ content and delivering training to specialists and new leaders.

Tuesday 23rd Nov 2021

1:30 pm -2:00 pm (UK Time)