CPD Buspool Extravaganza: A back-To-School Chit Chat on All Subjects That Matter…

 3 Sep 2020  Webinar     

Join our back-to-school webinar on Thursday 3rd September 2020, with our team of terrifc authors and professional development trainers. Hosted by Costa Constantinou, Veema's Director of Educational Services).

Target audience

  • Anyone interested in great pedagogy
Please note all sessions will run for 10 minutes with a Q & A follow-up

Keynote Talk 1: Lesson Starters for Purposeful Engagement (Presenter Lisa Jane Ashes: Author, Keynote Speaker & Professional Development Trainer)

The first few minutes of a lesson can make or break the learning that follows. Whether you are new to teaching and looking for ideas to get lessons started effectively, or you are simply looking for some interesting ideas to steal, Lisa will provide you with as many strategies as ten minutes will allow, to help start your lessons in powerful, creative ways that set the scene for an excellent learning experience.

Keynote Talk 2: When the Music Changes so does the Dance. Tips For Teachers From) Neuroscience (Presenter David Hodgson: Author, Keynote Speaker & Professional Development Trainer)

An author and consultant, David’s unique blend of educational pedagogy and the latest neuroscience research enables teachers, students and school leaders to identify and capitalise on their natural strengths. David will share the research, the application and some of the great results he's created with pupils and will outline some of the positive effects the chemicals serotine and oxytocin has on the learning brain.

Keynote Talk 3: Every Learner Matters– Classroom strategies to support Growth Mindset, SEND & Wellbeing (Presenter Nina Jackson: Author, Keynote Speaker & Professional Development Trainer)

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly affected all of us and as we prepare to re-open our schools what matters most is how we can support the emotional wellbeing of our young people. Nina will provide an overview of some of the most effective strategies that will allow all children to access the curriculum through differentiated inclusive approaches and the many ways to help them nurture a growth mindset that will boost confidence and motivation.

Keynote Talk 4: Creative Retrieval Practice to support learners, learning and progress as we return to school. (Presenter Crista Hazell: Author, Keynote Speaker & Professional Development Trainer)

Harness powerful teaching strategies creativity and retrieval practice all in one, to push your learners to not only express themselves creatively but also to ‘show you exactly what they know’ leaving you with a very clear idea of misconceptions, gaps in knowledge and what they have forgotten! Whether it’s the start of the year or midway through these strategies are always great to use!

Keynote Talk 5: Co-creating your School Curriculum - What, how and why…(Presenter Laura Saunders: Accredited Coach & Leadership Consultant)

'Co-creation involves developing deeper relationships between student and teacher, and between students and other students. Education is perceived as a shared endeavour where learning and teaching are done with students not to them.' (Bovill, C., 2019). Utilise this Buspool talk to consider what curriculum co-creation means for you, how you might approach it in your school context, and crucially, why it could support you and your team in deepening your relationships with students towards greater levels of active learning.

Keynote Talk 6: Coaching Colleagues¬– Nurturing people, Performance & Purpose (Presenter John Kane : Accredited Coach & Leadership Consultant)

When done right, coaching will have a transformative impact on any organisation. In this session John will provide an overview of a coaching model and will explain coaching as a “way of behaving” - a set of principles and practices that will lead to a sustainable culture of interdependence.

Wednesday 14th October 2020

17:30-18:30 (UK Time)