EAL Matters

Nurturing EAL towards Bilingual

 18 Jan 2018  Webinar     

  Preview Video

Our free expert webinar on EAL Matters will be on Thursday 18 January 2018, and will be delivered by Ms. Lisa Ashes.

Target audience

  • Classroom practitioners
  • Curriculum Leads
  • School Coordinators of EAL

Learning Outcomes

  • To explore best practice techniques for removing EAL barriers in the classroom
  • To better understand what it is like to be an EAL learner and so to remove their learning barriers
  • To explore the journey of an EAL learner from no understanding to bilingual

Webinar Description

As educated professionals, even if we began our learning lives as EAL learners, it is difficult to look through the eyes of a child who is starting their own journey as EAL. The silent, sullen phase, the continued obvious mistakes slow down our classes and are a problem to success. Every problem can be solved if we observe it carefully and identify the barriers that are allowing this problem to continue. An armoury of tools and techniques will help you but a problem-solving attitude and a creative ability to adapt to children’s needs is needed to remove individual’s barriers and put them on the ladder to achievement. This webinar is about exploration and creativity to look closely at your own context, your own individual children and put them on the journey towards bilingual success.

Presenter Biography

Lisa believes many schools don’t produce ‘a fully rounded end product’ because they fail to co-ordinate learning across all departments. She has therefore made it her mission to transform how teachers can acquire a more whole school approach to education. Lisa has developed teams of advanced practitioners in Ghana and is now using her strategies to create a culture of continual self-improvement in Nepal. She is passionate about such projects and about using her expertise to develop coaching programmes for schools. In her latest book ‘Manglish’, she considers how English and Maths can be creatively brought together and offers practical ideas and strategies for improving literacy and numeracy throughout the whole school. Her other published books include: ‘There is another way — the second big book of independent thinking’, and ‘Don’t change the light bulbs — a compendium of expertise from the UK’s most switched-on educators’.

Thursday 18 January 2018

13:30–14:30 (UK Time)