Effective Teacher Professional Development

 1:30 pm – 02:00 pm (GMT)  Online    


Every teacher has the potential to improve. So, just as we wish our students to be ongoing learners, we should expect the same from our teachers. But achieving this takes time, hard work, effort as well as continuous reflective practice, all things that only flourish in schools where a culture of improvement is embedded. For any leader looking to nurture truly great teaching in their school, establishing such a culture is therefore key.
Effective teacher professional development fosters not just a growth mindset but also creates an environment in which metacognitive thinking, challenge and respect are the norms, and where teachers are empowered as they become ever more comfortable stepping outside of their comfort zone.
In this webinar, Costa will offer practical suggestions and ideas on how schools can introduce professional learning programmes to ensure their teachers, both novice and expert, are able to confidently explore and experiment with new teaching strategies and innovative pedagogies.
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Learning Outcomes:

  • Reflect on what makes effective and outstanding CPD
  • Consider models that enable teachers to get better and continually grow
  • Provide some practical Ideas you can adopt when thinking about CPD in your school

About Costas Constantinou:

Costa is a passionate and driven educator with over 22 years’ experience teaching in London and international schools. He is also a director of Veema Education. With his many years both in the classroom and at a leadership level, Costa understands first-hand the needs and priorities of today’s schools, not least the necessity of every educationalist to take responsibility for their own learning. This is a philosophy he communicates through national and international keynote speeches. It is also very much part of the workshops he leads on improving teaching, learning and school leadership, and the implementation and effective management of change. To enable schools to better evaluate the impact of their professional development training, Costa has developed Veema’s unique four-step CPD model — ‘Consult, Tailor, Deliver, Reflect’. Costa is particularly adept at using collaboration to create the conditions for effective leadership and to encourage the attainment of ambitious educational goals. Throughout his career, he has led successful teams and been proactive in school improvement initiatives. Known for the warmth, humanity, honesty and fun he brings to every educational situation, Costa is motivated by a desire to create the best possible opportunities for the young people in his care so they come to recognise their own potential and are inspired to achieve it.

Date: Wed 5 April, 2023

01:30 pm – 02:00 pm (GMT)

Price: Free

Duration: 30-minutes