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Measuring the impact of your CPD programme.

 12 Jun 2018  Webinar     

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Our free expert webinar on Well-Being will be on Tuesday 12 June 2018 at 13:30 (GMT), and will be delivered by Costa Constantinou.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Know some the research evidence available on measuring the impact of teacher CPD.
  2. Plan some vital do’s and don’ts when evaluating the impact of CPD in your school.
  3. Understand how evaluating the impact of CPD has the potential to improve teacher practice, accountability and quality of learning as well as determine value for money and allocation of time.

Webinar Description

Effective continuous professional development (CPD) improves teaching and learning and has one of the largest impacts on student outcomes (Hargreaves, 1994 and Craft 2000). However, teacher CPD evaluation is an often-neglected step because it is perceived by many as a challenging and time-consuming exercise, where historically little training and guidance has been given. To lead learning effectively in our schools we need to understand what is working well, and what may perhaps need a little more attention and tweaking. The same applies when it comes to the professional development we offer our teachers and staff. CPD evaluation should be part of an overall self-evaluation that will enable schools to create a culture where teachers fully invest in their professional development through on-going reflection, as well as experiential practice and coaching that is informed by evidence. Developing a sophisticated approach to evaluating CPD in schools will enable our teachers and students to thrive. In the webinar Costa will draw on findings from his published paper — ‘What we know about evaluating the impact of continuous professional development (CPD)’ — the work of the Teacher Development Trust and CUREE. The session will outline some vital steps we can take to measure the impact of teacher professional development and will highlight the purpose of evaluating teacher CPD, whilst offering some dos and don’ts to get the right conversations started with colleagues. Costa will also refer to Thomas Guskey’s (2000) five levels of professional development as a framework for thinking about CPD evaluation.

Presenter Biography

Costa is a passionate and driven educator with over 17 years’ experience teaching in London and international schools. With extensive classroom and leadership experience, Costa understands the needs and priorities of today’s schools, not least the necessity for every educationist to take responsibility for their own learning. This is a central theme of the workshops he leads on improving teaching, learning and school leadership, and the implementation and effective management of change. Costa’s strategies to boost student progression and increase student attainment have been formally recognised by Ofsted. He is responsible for developing Veema’s unique four-step CPD model that enables schools to better evaluate the impact of their professional development training. Costa is particularly adept at using collaboration to create the conditions for effective leadership and to encourage the attainment of ambitious educational goals.

Tuesday 12 June 2018

13:30–14:30 (UK Time)