Don’t Call it Catch Up!

Improving English teaching to have impact on student progress after the pandemic

 15 Apr 2021  Online    

This short series is designed specifically to help secondary English teachers to unpick their current practice, keeping the best bits and developing your curriculum and practice to ensure that learning, following the pandemic, is a powerful and purposeful experience. The learning in this series will help you plan to have the biggest impact on student outcomes. From engaging the disengaged to challenging those learners that have the potential to be the next poet laureate and everything in between. Lisa will share with you case studies and practical strategies to revamp your teaching and get all students achieving their potential in English.

Session 1: Questioning Your Curriculum Content

Lisa will support you to explore your current curriculum and streamline your students’ learning. Sharing case studies from the mastery English curriculum, Lisa will show you how you can make up for lost learning time through questioning: What are we teaching? Why are we teaching that and how can we teach it better?

Session 2: Becoming Better Learners Through English

In this session, Lisa will share how every English lesson can train your students to be a better learner. Exploring metacognition and self-regulation strategies that can help your students to help themselves.

Session 3: Impactful Assessment

Marking takes up much of our time as English teachers. How can we know that the time spent pouring over essays and papers pays off? Lisa will explore approaches to assessing English that will save you time and have a huge impact on your students’ progress.

Session 4: Stretch, Challenge and Differentiation

We have not been in full control of our students’ ability to access learning during the pandemic. The result being many of our learners will be returning to us at different stages to each other. This session will explore approaches to teaching English that stretch, challenge and support all learners allowing us to differentiate and get all learners back on track. By registering for the webinar you will receive all four recordings including the presentation slides.


Thu 15th April- Thu 6 May 2021


12:30-1:00 pm (UK Time)


£165 (School Price)


Teaching Secondary English (KS3-5)