Leading Truly Effective Teaching

Isabella Wallace

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Webinar Description:

This webinar series covers a range of versatile, practical strategies to help you make significant, positive developments in teaching and learning across your school. Ensuring that all learners make progress can sometimes seem like an impossible task, but this training demonstrates how to make sure every pupil in every lesson feels supported and challenged to their full potential. Jam-packed with no-prep practical strategies that are ready to use immediately, and underpinned by the latest research, this training will help entire schools to feel confident that their classroom practice is truly effective. Find out how to ensure undeniable, visible progress for every learner without creating an unnecessary teacher workload! Take away exciting and innovative techniques, that are realistic and useable the very next day in any subject and in any Key Stage.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explore ways to ensure all lessons result in pupil progress.
  • Ensure teaching is adaptive and responsive to pupils’ needs.
  • Review practical strategies for effective questioning so that teacher-talk doesn’t get over-used.
  • Discover new on-the-spot AfL techniques that allow teachers to assess the impact of their own teaching.
  • Reflect on ways to get active participation from all learners with a “No Passengers” approach to instruction in every classroom.
  • Discover how to make sure low attainers are empowered whilst high attainers are stretched even further.
  • Learn how consistently high expectations can be set for all pupils by encouraging learners to be self-reliant, confident and proactive.

Target Audience:

  • CPD Leads
  • Teaching & Learning Leads
  • Senior & Middle Leaders

Presenter Biography:

With her critically acclaimed Pimp Your Lesson! “Talk-Less Teaching” and “Best of the Best: Practical Classroom Guides”. Isabella is a leading light in educational reform and teacher improvement. She focuses on improving the quality of teaching and learner progression and delivers sessions that are highly interactive and relevant to teaching in the real classroom. Isabella has extensive experience as both a teacher and leader, and the accessibility of her highly sought-after training reflects this. She has worked closely with education authorities to develop literacy teaching provision, and to set up, manage and monitor staff coaching systems in schools. Thanks to her charisma, enthusiasm and knowledge of what works best, Isabella has delivered training across four different continents and is one of the most prolific education consultants working in the UK today.

What’s Included:

  • 2 hour Recording
  • Accompanying Resource


  • CPD Leads, Teaching & Learning Leads, Senior & Middle Leaders

Type: Premium Webinar

Duration: 2 hours