What’s the purpose of a safeguarding audit and why is it necessary?

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Course Outline

Why should you audit your current safeguarding arrangements? During the webinar, we’ll be looking into the critical importance of auditing your current safeguarding arrangements. Auditing ensures that your school/s are meeting legal requirements and providing a safe environment for all individuals involved. By auditing, you can identify strengths, weaknesses, areas of good practice, and potential areas of development within your safeguarding procedures. We will demonstrate best practices based on the latest guidelines from KCSIE 2023 (Keeping Children Safe in Education), international case study scenarios and provide insights into what we touch upon at Veema during a safeguarding audit.

Course Objectives

  • What should be included in a safeguarding audit.
  • Identifying areas of good practice / concerns and compliance.


  • DSLs / Headteachers / DDSLs

About Ian Curry

Safeguarding and Leadership Trainer

Ian has recently worked as a Deputy Headteacher at a large secondary 11-18 school. Ian has a passion for demystifying safeguarding, believing strongly that confidence is the key to truly embedding that ‘golden thread’ of safeguarding throughout education. Ian believes in empowering each individual, uniquely placed in their role across education and childcare, to recognise that they play a valuable role in safeguarding children. As a Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral), Ian has worked as a DSL and has extensive experience in delivering safeguarding and leadership training, including undertaking full safeguarding school audits with UK and International schools. His strategic work includes the development of safeguarding and child protection policies and procedures and providing advice to head teachers, governors and designated safeguarding leads. Ian has also helped develop (and quality assured clear policies and practices focused on school improvement and worked with others to monitor and evaluate their impact.

Wed 24, Apr 24

4:00 pm – 4:30 pm


DSLs / Headteachers / DDSLs.

30 Mins