Disordered Eating and Self-Harm in Children and Young People

 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm (GMT)  Online    

Course Outline

Join us for an insightful session focusing on the critical issues of disordered eating and self-harm in children and young people. Led by experts in safeguarding and mental health, this session aims to deepen your understanding of these complex issues, equipping you with essential knowledge and strategies to support the well-being of your students. If you need support before the training, we are happy to take your questions or any real-life case studies you would like to share with us. Please send this to Costas Constantinou at c.constantinou@veema.co.uk, keeping essential information anonymous. All delegates will leave feeling confident in their ability to support and safeguard children and knowing how, when, and where to seek professional support.

Course Objectives

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the underlying factors contributing to disordered eating and self-harm behaviours in children and young people.
  • Consider methods for supporting students in the classroom and knowing when to report concerns.
  • Develop practical strategies and approaches to identify early signs of disordered eating and self-harm and effectively support affected students within your school environment.

About Beth Davies

Beth has a passion for demystifying safeguarding, believing strongly that confidence is the key to truly embedding that ‘golden thread’ of safeguarding throughout education. She believes in empowering each individual, uniquely placed in their role across education and childcare to recognise that they play a valuable role in safeguarding children.

In order to achieve this, she helps take the sting out of safeguarding, reminding professionals of the reason why they chose to work with children originally. Having counselling training combined with a wealth of on-the-ground experience working with at-risk groups, Beth brings a down-to-earth and empathic approach to training. From creating and leading empowerment workshops for young victims of exploitation in rural Kenya to supporting looked after children involved in exploitation across the West Midlands in the UK, Beth is passionate about supporting young people to thrive, using creative methods. Having a wealth of knowledge about Online Safety and developing trends that can place young people at risk, she helps teachers to navigate the interwoven worlds of online and offline risks. Beth currently spends her time supporting and training a wide range of education providers including special needs schools as well as multi-academy trusts and thoroughly relishes the opportunity to encourage and empower those working hard to keep children safe. Despite having worked within education for several years, Beth finds her previous roles working in the charity sector help her to have a holistic approach to safeguarding. Having experience working within addiction recovery, anti-human trafficking and advocacy for refugees, she is passionate about the impact and lifelong rewards that come with Early Intervention.

Thu 16 May 24

4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

90 Mins