Most Effective Feedback: Harnessing the proven power of feedback to close gaps in learning

Claire Gadsby

 1:30 – 3:30 pm (GMT)  Online    £364.80 - £643.20

Course Outline

This highly interactive and practical session will show busy teachers how to bring feedback to the forefront of classroom and online learning. Learn how to create ‘Triple E Feedback’: Feedback that is Easy, Effective and Engaging. Find out how to use feedback to identify and close gaps in learning and to empower pupils as active participants in the feedback process. Learn to look after your own wellbeing by working smarter and not harder.  

Course Objectives

  • To provide teachers with an overview of what the research tells us about the efficacy of feedback.
  • To introduce practical approaches for developing what John Hattie describes as 'assessment literate learners'.
  • To provide a wide range of practical strategies for creating feedback that is both engaging and accessible for all learners.
  • To equip busy teachers with tools to make marking and feedback manageable and time-efficient.

Delegates receive:

  • Completion Certificate
  • Take-away resources
  • Essential Reading List
  • Optional Post Online Support

About Claire Gadsby

Assessment for Learning, CPD Trainer & Author

Claire describes herself as an innovator, educator, and motivator. As a teaching and learning consultant and trainer with more than 20 years of classroom experience, Claire now works with more than 100 schools a year to raise achievement. Much of her work involves working alongside teachers in classrooms where she recommends and demonstrates innovative teaching and learning strategies across the curriculum and in all phases of education. Claire is also one of the UK’s leading experts on how to assess without national curriculum levels. Claire has produced materials for both the Secondary National Strategy and Oxford University Press and her publications include, ‘The Perfect Assessment for Learning', ‘Dynamically Different Classrooms: Create spaces that spark learning’ and ‘A Little Guide for Teachers: Efficient Marking (A Little Guide for Teachers)’. Claire’s mission is to support teachers build what she calls ‘irresistible learning’. Claire feels there are so many strategies that teachers can use that involve the minimum amount of preparation yet have the maximum amount of impact on pupils learning.

Wed, 8 Feb 2023

Fri, 1 Mar 2023

1:30 – 3:30 pm (GMT)

Standard (up to 5 participants) – £364.80
Premium (up to 10 participants) – £643.20

Teachers and senior leaders in all phases of education