Mental Health in our Schools! More than just a buzzword…

 4:15 pm-4:45 pm  Online    

Register your school for our next mental health webinar series which starts on Monday, 10th January 2022. By taking part in these CPD sessions you will have access to all five recordings with accompanying resources.  

Webinar Descriptions:

Session 1: Neuroscience & Mental Health (Mon 4 Jan, Sam Garner)

Neuroscience has made so many discoveries that have allowed us to gain a greater understanding our mental health and wellbeing. This webinar will look at the key discoveries and how we can apply them in our setting to benefit ourselves and our students.

Session 2: Staff Wellbeing (Tue 11th Jan, Nina Jackson)

During this session, you will gain knowledge, skills, and understanding of how to develop positive staff wellbeing. From managing stress, anxiety and effective use of productivity tools to help with workload.  

Session 3: Conducting an MH audit on your setting (Mon 17 Jan, Sam Garner)

Mental health and wellbeing has rightly become a concern of many education settings, however, it can be difficult to know how to move forward. This webinar will help settings understand how they can easily conduct an audit of their current practice and then develop an action plan to move forward. It will provide practical tools that settings can use immediately.

Session 4: Student Wellbeing (Thurs 20 Jan, Nina Jackson)

Student wellbeing is essential for learning. In this session, you will learn how to support students who are experiencing challenges with mental and emotional health and gain the skills, knowledge and understanding of how to use purposeful interventions to help them feel like well-rounded, positive individuals and develop resilience to express their concerns and emotions.

Session 5: Working with parents to support Student MH (Mon 24 Jan, Sam Garner)

There are always improved outcomes when parents and settings work in partnership, particularly around mental health and wellbeing. This webinar will look at the challenges and barriers against working as a team, such as cultural differences, differing expectations,  and provide tips and strategies to help schools build positive relationships with parents to ensure better outcomes for our students.  


  • Mental Health, Safeguarding & Inclusion Leads
Each webinar will last 30-minutes and will be delivered from Monday 10 January until Monday the 24th January 2022 at 4:15 pm (UK time).


Mon 10th Jan- Mon 24 Jan, 2022


4:15 pm-4:45 pm (UK Time)


£220 (School Pass with unlimited access)