Managing Anxiety During Isolation

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Target audience

  • All teachers, educators and practitioners from all phases.

Webinar Description

We are living in unprecedented times globally. As educators and practitioners we are used to working in an environment which is not our homes and have daily interaction with our children and students as well as colleagues and other professionals. Being isolated at home during this time can become very difficult to manage. We will all experience it at some point, it’s quite natural for the body and mind to tell and show us that we are unhappy and unsettled. During this session, Nina will share with you some strategies and tips for intsant application so that you can be more aware of your anxious moments as well as interweaving this with your general wellbeing during isolation.

Learning Outcomes

  • To be able to understand that feeling anxious is normal and part of what we need to survive and thrive as human beings.
  • Learn to know when your mind and body is more anxious than usual and how to recognise physical and emotional changes in yourself.
  • Be able to use simple wellbeing tools that are right for you (once you’ve tried them) to interweave into your daily and weekly self care schedule.
  • Apply tools to help others in your household also understand how to manage anxiety and learn to adapt to situations which may be out of your control.

Presenter Biography

Few in education have the breathtaking grasp of Nina ‘Ninja’ Jackson about what makes classrooms, and those in them, tick. Winner of the IPDA International Prize for Education, the TES has decribed her as an ‘inspirational, evangelical preacher of education’. Nina’s particular gift is in working with SEN, the Gifted and Talented and engaging disaffected learners. As an international education consultant, she has worked with the Ministry of Education, UNESCO and UNICEF in Chile, Ghana, India, China, the Middle East and Europe. In her first book she shared her research on how music improves classroom learning and motivation. Her latest, the bestselling ‘Of Teaching, Learning and Sherbet Lemons: A Compendium of Careful Advice for Teachers’, has helped thausands of teachers put the ‘fizz’ back into the classrooms.

What’s Included:

  • 1-hour Recording.
  • Accompanying Resources.

Audience: All teachers, educators and practitioners from all phases.

Type: Premium Webinar

Duration: 1 hour