Neuroscience in Education

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Webinar Description


Learning Objectives

  • Understand the latest research from neuroscience, cognitive psychology and key researchers applying theory to classroom pedagogy such as Daniel Willingham and The Sutton Trust.
  • Review practical examples of applying research findings to the classroom to improve teacher effectiveness and student performance.
  • Apply key ideas/strategies in your own classroom/school and assess the impact with an opportunity to share results with colleagues in the second webinar.

About David Hodgson

An author and consultant, David’s unique blend of educational pedagogy and the latest neuroscience research enables teachers, students and school leaders to identify and capitalise on their natural strengths. His practical strategies for improving behaviour, confidence, resilience, as well as classroom and exam performance, help teachers and students alike to make faster, better progress. Using interactive sessions, David shares the secrets of great learning and rethinks how learning, memory and revision can be woven into the classroom experience. He covers topics such as the three key things all great learners do, and considers how best to apply the latest brain research and psychology of learning, retention, motivation and metacognition. David’s published books include The Buzz, The Brainbox, Personality in the Classroom and The Little Book of Inspirational Teaching Activities.

What’s Included:

  • 3-hour Recording.
  • Accompanying Resources.

Audience: All teachers and practitioners from all phases.

Type: Premium Webinar

Duration: 3 hour