Mental Fitness for Better Learning (KS 4 Teaching Resource Pack)

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Now more than ever, talking about mental health is extremely important. This unit of work has been designed to help pupils understand more about managing their health and wellbeing and to equip them with useful strategies for becoming more confident and effective learners. In doing so, this unit of work will help you to ease their transition from KS3 to KS4.

Based on the latest neuroscience research, our lesson pack consists of three units covering emotional wellbeing, mental health, personal development, and effective revision strategies.


Unit One: Health and Wellbeing
Unit Two: Personal Development
Unit Three: Effective Neuroscience-Based Revision Strategies

Learning Objectives for the Students:

  • To develop an understanding of what some mental health conditions look like and how one can manage one’s own mental health by using healthy coping strategies
  • To understand the responsibility and ownership we as individuals have of our mental health and how our thinking styles can affect our decision making and outcomes in life
  • To learn how we can reframe certain unhelpful thinking styles and, with regular practice, can manage our thinking styles effectively
  • To develop a positive mindset, embracing change and challenges as an opportunity for growth
  • To develop an understanding of the brain and the ways in which we learn, and how to put effective habits in place
  • To apply proven evidenced-based revision strategies to help them learn more effectively and become more confident in preparing for assessments

What’s Included:

  • Scheme of work accompanied by six flexible lesson plans
  • PowerPoints ready for use in class
  • Engaging and challenging videos, activities, and peer-to-peer tasks
  • Print-out activity handouts for pupils
  • Plenaries and extension ideas suitable for all pupils


Assembly & Student Masterclasses:

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14-16 (KS 4)


6 to 7 weeks

Suitable for

PSHE and Tutor Time

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