‘Catch-up, Keep-up’ in the Primary Classroom –Supreme Spellings

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This short CPD webinar is delivered by Veema’s literacy trainer Alexandra Charalambous. The session is divided into eight mini-videos which can be used to support your in-house teacher training sessions, departmental meetings or simply added to your online CPD library

Session Objectives

  • To understand what children need to know to be effective spellers,
  • To understand how best to follow on from phonics and into spelling.
  • To provide practical strategies and ideas to support the teaching and learning of spelling.

Part 1

1.1 – Phonological Knowledge 1.2 – Morphological Knowledge 1.3 – Compound Words, Prefixes, Suffixes & Etymology 1.4 – Routes To Spelling- A Step By Step Approach

Part 2

2.1 – Strategies and Ideas To Support The Teaching & Learning of Spelling 2:2 – Spelling Detectives 2:3 – Memory Prompts, Word Sorts & Webs 2:4 – Pictorial Links & Spelling Strategies

What’s Included:

  • Videos.
  • Accompanying resource.

Type: Premium Webinar

Price: £75

Audience: KS 1 & 2 Teachers

Total Duration: 1 hour