The Perfect Assessment for Learning

Practical strategies for boosting both engagement and progress through formative assessment

 2 Nov 2017  Webinar    

  Webinar Presentation

Our free expert webinar on Assessment for Learning will be on Thursday 02 November 2017, in association with COBIS, and will be delivered by Ms. Claire Gadsby.
“There is nothing that schools can do that will have a more lasting and real impact on achievement than fully embedded formative assessment”.
Dylan Wiliam

Learning Outcomes

As the author of the widely selling book, ‘The Perfect Assessment for Learning’, Claire will be exploring what ‘consistently embedded’ formative assessment looks and feels like in a school, and how it can be achieved. The webinar is an introduction to the key principles underpinning best practice in formative assessment (also known as Assessment for Learning). Participants will:
  • Gain an overview of formative assessment including the wider educational research perspective
  • Explore what formative assessment can offer to their learners.
  • Sample innovative formative assessment strategies that can be used in any classroom.
Claire will lay the foundations: ‘what do we really mean by assessment?’; explore the “Big 5” principles underpinning genuine pupil progress and present low preparation but high impact strategies for busy teachers. These include:
  • activating learning intentions;
  • quality success criteria;
  • classroom discussion/questioning; and
  • activating learners as owners of their own learning and as resources for each other.

Presenter Biography

An educational consultant and trainer with more than 20 years of classroom experience, Claire Gadsby is also the author of the widely selling book, “The Perfect Assessment for Learning”. Claire works directly with more than 100 schools a year to raise achievement where much of her work involves coaching teachers in their classrooms. Here, she recommends and demonstrates innovative teaching and learning strategies across the curriculum and in all phases of education. Claire is also one of the UK’s leading experts on how to assess without national curriculum levels. Her specialist expertise also includes:
  • practical strategies for demonstrating pupil progress;
  • Radical Revision©;
  • All aspects of literacy including how to read challenging texts with confidence and enjoyment; and
  • how to develop independent learning.
Claire has produced materials for both the Secondary National Strategy and Oxford University Press and her latest book, “Dynamically Different Classrooms” will be published by Crown House in spring 2018.

Thursday 02 November 2017

14:00-15:00 (UK Time)