Successful School Leadership

 8 May 2017  Birkbeck, University of London    

Course Overview: Two Day Course

There probably isn’t an educational institution in the world whose success can’t be linked to its leadership. But such success is often less a question of having someone take charge than of giving individuals the chance to take charge. Which is why it’s important to provide leaders with the opportunity to explore and develop their own leadership potential through a tailored professional programme. Successful School Leadership incubates leadership qualities by helping individuals recognise their own strengths and prompting leaders, in turn, to draw out the strengths of others. The programme includes topics such as: the importance of good leadership in schools, the art of emotional intelligence, building dynamic teams, effective line management and meetings, having difficult conversations and managing ‘stuck colleagues’ as well as how to effectively implement and manage change. This programme enables school leaders to reflect on their own practice, acquire new skills, refer to prevailing research in the area of school leadership and provides a transformative pathway that builds on their successes. The two-day training day will also make an excellent networking opportunity to meet and hear from other school leaders across Europe.

Main Objectives

  • Build successful teams and create a culture of high expectations and strong work ethic.
  • Make accurate judgments, give constructive feedback and delegate duties.
  • Manage difficult conversations with colleagues (including stuck colleagues), parents or students.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of self-evaluation practices to better implement improvement and change.
  • Deal with challenging behaviour appropriately.

Target Audience

Head Teachers, Deputy and Assistant Head Teachers, all members of the senior team, teachers new to leadership posts.

Target Audience

Day 1:
  • Reflection: What is your WHY?
  • Overview. Why School leadership matters?Evidence from research.
  • What makes a successful school leader?
  • Styles of leadership and how to lead successfully in different situations.
  • The ingredients for building successful teams and keeping momentum high.
  • Creating a school vision and building a culture that supports your vision.
  • Establishing a culture of high expectations and strong work ethic amongst your teachers and students.
Day 2:
  • Providing accurate and constructive feedback to colleagues.
  • Managing difficult conversations with colleagues, students and parents.
  • Carrying out school self-evaluation practices to implement school improvement, manage change and measure the impact of student progress.
  • Professional growth reflection log & moving forward.


We have aligned ourselves closely with British organisations such as the Teacher Development Trust (TDT), Ofsted, the Sutton Trust, the UK Department for Education (DfE), the UCL Institute of Education (IoE) and the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL). By creating programmes that reflect current research and orthodoxies, we can help schools empower staff to take full ownership of their development, encouraging them to be at the forefront of any school improvement initiative to stimulate motivation, promote staff retention and cultivate a culture in which children always succeed. All our courses include follow up course workbook packs and information slides with useful top tips, articles, and valuable information to reflect upon and share with colleagues. Veema’s professional development programmes are delivered in a range of styles including:
  • Group work
  • Discussions and dialogues
  • Use of visual aids and props
  • Presentations
  • Reflection logs
  • Role play
  • Videos and music

Costs and Erasmus funding

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Who we are

Veema Education is an independently-owned educational services company based in London, delivering training packages to both teachers and students in the UK and internationally. Our professional development programmes for teachers and our masterclasses for students equip schools to deliver outstanding teaching, learning and assessment that enable students to achieve their full potential. Working closely with school leaders we offer solutions focussed on pupil learning and supported by the latest educational research and pedagogy. We believe that schools should take a ‘bottom up’ approach to professional development, whereby teachers are included in discussions around school improvement needs and what will help improve teaching and learning. Our ethos of ‘never stop learning’ is recognition of the need to have all teachers and senior leaders as stakeholders in the process of school development.


All our courses come with a certification.

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Birkbeck, University of London

Course Fee:

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