Part 1: On the Spot Differentiation


Ensuring that every pupil in your class makes progress sometimes seems like an impossible task – especially when within your class there are pupils at wildly different levels of attainment. How do you make sure “High-flying Harriet” is “stretched and challenged” while “Vulnerable Victor” is still struggling to copy down today’s date? “Practical Realistic Differentiation” with Isabella Wallace will show you how to do just that. Through exciting, low-prep techniques, you will learn how to tactfully challenge every pupil at an appropriate level without having to resort to numerous different lesson resources or micro-tutorials. This short video course is your guide to ensuring that every pupil in every lesson is supported and challenged to their full potential. It will help class teachers to put inclusion at the heart of every lesson without sacrificing any of the academic rigour. Learning Outcomes: This course will help you: Ensure every pupil remains in his/her “Challenge Sweet Spot” and that classwork meets individual needs. Empower the low attainers whilst stretching the high attainers even further. Identify where intervention is necessary and adapting your teaching to pupils’ emerging needs Support less confident or reluctant learners - building self-esteem and motivation Ensure your TA has a measurable impact Help ALL pupils to make progress in your lessons without having to do lots of preparation and planning This short video course is delivered by our associate and award-winning author Isabella Wallace