Embedding Assessment Effectively in your Curriculum

 3 Feb 2022  Webinar     

Our free expert webinar “Embedding Assessment Effectively in your Curriculum ” will be on Thursday 3rd February 2022 and will be delivered by Lisa Jane Ashes.

Webinar Description:

How do you know they are learning what you have taught? Of course... assessment! Assessment is so much more than an end-of-term examination and should be happening, systematically as part of your daily practice. Lisa will help you to explore your current practice and give you ideas to take away ideas to try out and discuss further with colleagues.

Session Outcomes:

  • Explore the latest developments in assessment for learning such as recall, retrieval practice and mastery.
  • Use case study curriculums to explore how you might reorganise assessments to maximise learning gains in your school.


  • Upper KS2 and above teachers.

About Lisa Jane Ashes:

Lisa believes that education is about developing minds for the future. She also believes that many schools fall short of producing ‘a fully rounded end product’ because they fail to coordinate learning across all of their departments. She has therefore made it her mission to transform how teachers think about the curriculum so that they can begin to deliver a whole school approach to education. To achieve this she helps teachers develop both personally and professionally by empowering them to collaborate with others within and outside of their particular department. In Lisa’s most recent book, ‘Teacher in the Cupboard,’ she helps teachers examine their own approaches to the many problems educators face. Tried and tested solutions to a myriad of issues are examined from all perspectives. This book provides a mindset to facing problems and is a very human approach that can be adopted to solve them. Lisa’s first book ‘Manglish’, considers how English and Maths can be creatively brought together to improve both literacy and numeracy throughout the whole school and provides practical ideas and strategies for doing this. Lisa has a passion for writing and appears in many teaching and learning publications such as: ‘There is another way’ and ‘Don’t change the light bulbs — A compendium of expertise from the UK’s most switched-on educators’. She has also written many articles to help reflect on her work in education and share her evolving ideas as she goes. Lisa takes her message of curriculum collaboration around the world. Through her work with the charity ‘Reach Out to Schools’ Lisa has developed teams in Ghana and Nepal where she uses her strategies to help create a culture of continual self-improvement among the country’s teachers.

Thursday 3rd Feb 2022

1:30 pm -2:00 pm (UK Time)