Effective use of Digital Technology to support SEND learners

The ‘How to Guides’ for you and your pupils

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The ‘How to Guides’ for you and your pupils.

Webinar Description:

During these videos, you will learn about the variety of tools, strategies and methodologies you can use with your SEND learners to support their academic and emotional learning.

Part 1: How to use ‘Speech to Text’ to assist SEND learners

For many learners reading, writing and transcriptions can be a barrier. Let’s break down these issues by exploring the effective use of digital devices in supporting Speech to Text and how this can develop self-confidence, self-esteem and raise levels of attainment and achievement.

Part 2: How to use technology for emotional self-regulation to assist SEND learners

Emotional self-regulation is difficult for some learners due to cognitive overload, anxiety and not always being able to focus on listening skills and organization of thought processes. During this ‘How to guide’ discover some emotional self-regulation applications that can help with emotions as well as management of anger and anxiety. This can also help with aspects of mind management and revision for exams.

Part 3: How to use applications for time management and personal organization with SEND learners including the camera

Productivity, time management and daily organization can be a real challenge for many of our SEND learners. From notifications to system management application to the effective use of the camera to track and organize activities, lessons and learning will be the focus.

Part 4: How to make a SEND ‘Technology Toolkit for School, Home Learning and Parental support’

In this ‘How to Guide’ you will be shown a variety of tools for assistive and accessible learning that will empower SEND learners in a variety of school settings, home learning and blended approaches. From video to photo management and creating visual learning boards to interactive mind maps as well as building a toolkit of application that would work for the individual learner. Be prepared to be amazed at the innovative tools on offer to SEND learners, teachers and parents.

What’s Included:

  • Four short recordings
  • Accompanying resource

Audience: SEN Specialists, TAs and Teachers of all Key Stages (1-5)

Type: Premium Webinar

Duration: 90 mins