Curriculum and Assessment

Proven, Practical Ways To Boost Engagement And Progress For All Learners

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Target audience

  • Teachers and leaders of all ages and stages

Webinar Description

In this webinar, Claire will provide busy teachers and leaders with an abundance of low preparation but high impact strategies to ensure that learning is optimised for all pupils. She will explain how small tweaks to existing practice can create learning that is retained in the long-term memory allowing pupils to develop fluency. Based on her work with hundreds of schools, she will also explore cutting edge approaches to formative assessment. These include smart marking and feedback strategies designed to support the work life balance of teachers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain a range of practical ideas for delivering the curriculum in a way that boosts engagement but also memory and retention
  • Based upon recent robust research
  • Learn about cutting edge approaches to all types of assessment
  • Discover how to deliver brilliant feedback without having to write a word

Presenter Biography

An innovator, educator and motivator, Claire’s classroom experience as a teaching and learning consultant and trainer spans 20 years. Through practical strategies she helps pupils in over 100 schools each year achieve higher standards. She introduces teachers to innovative teaching and learning strategies across the curriculum and all phases of education. To move teachers forward faster, she gives them ‘low prep, high impact’ resources they can use to work smarter rather than harder. Her support packages are specifically designed to ensure training achieves maximum traction and translates into real teaching practice. Her ongoing research means she remains at the cutting edge of educational practice. She is also one of the UK’s leading experts on how to assess without levels and has contributed to the Secondary National Strategy and Oxford University Publishing. Her publications include ‘The Perfect Assessment for Learning (AfL)’ and ‘Dynamically Different Classrooms: Create Spaces that Spark Learning’ with Jan Evans.

What’s Included:

  • 3-hour Recording.
  • Accompanying Resources.

Audience: Teachers of KS 1–5

Type: Premium Webinar

Duration: 3 hours

£180 (school price)