When revising, do your students:

  • Re-read countless pages of notes, then tell you they don’t know how to revise?
  • End up ‘cramming’ before exams?
  • Feel anxious about not retaining enough information?

If yes, then our Revision Skills Boot Camp will turn them into better learners in the build-up to exams.

Based on research from The Science of Learning and the work of Professor John Dunlosky, this masterclass is specifically designed to change the way your students approach their learning both in the classroom and during independent study.

Our Masterclass Includes:

  • Practical and effective revision techniques that draw upon the latest brain research and understanding of the psychology of learning,retention andmetacognition.
  • How you as a school can better prepare students to give them greaterconfidence, resilience and momentum when it comes to tests and exams.